Post-COVID Challenges in Commercial Real Estate

By: Jack Knatch

We’ve experienced a lot of change in the past year or so, some of it unprecedented in the real estate world. Many people have remained flexible and learned how to thrive despite the pandemic, but things won’t stay like this forever. As the commercial real estate market changes post-COVID, property owners will need to adapt. So will brokers, real estate agents, lenders, and anyone else involved in the buying or selling process.

Dangers Lurking Post-COVID in Commercial Real Estate

Many businesses experienced losses throughout the pandemic. In turn, property owners began to take revenue losses because their former tenants could no longer operate their restaurants, bars, party venues, or retail spaces at maximum capacity. The reduced cash flow then led to a decline in property value. 

While things are improving for many businesses, the recovery will still be slow and tough. It’s hard to know when people will be gathering in large groups again. It’s unknown how many businesses will return to full-time office work, as many employees might continue to work remotely. Property owners will need to adapt to the world of virtual work.

Commercial landlords are currently battling to secure the best tenants in an oversupplied market. Several CRE owners are deciding to sell due to these issues and others, but even at a lower value, it will likely be tough to sell. Refinancing or restructuring the debt may be a better option for many property owners, but it may be even more difficult than selling in many cases. 

How We Help You Overcome These Challenges

Refinancing can make a big difference for building owners. At Help With My Loan, we offer a simple, stress-free way to connect with lenders who are experienced in working with commercial real estate investors. With $100M+ funded for our customers, we have the experience it takes to help you get a loan! Here are the benefits of using our lending platform for your next commercial loans.

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