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A loan that one or more persons use in order to buy a house or other residential property in which they will live. It is primarily for personal, family, or household use that is secured by a mortgage, deed of trust, or other equivalent consensual security interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Debt-to-income ratio is the percentage of a person’s monthly earnings used to pay off all debt obligations.

Closing costs are expenses incurred by buyers and sellers when transferring ownership of a property.

It would be very unwise to back out of the contract. A purchase offer that has been accepted is a legal contract and the buyer can seek legal remedies to enforce it.

Along with economic factors such as supply and demand, the time of year you choose to sell can impact both the length of time it takes to sell your home and its ultimate selling price.

Typically, the real estate market picks up around February, continues strong through late May and June, and tapers off during July and August. The summer is usually the busiest time for moving since school is out and buyers may be looking to get their children settled before the new school year. September through November is generally slower than winter and spring, followed by a slowdown through the holidays.

These are similar terms thrown around loosely by many loan officers. They essentially mean that a mortgage professional has reviewed your qualifications based on credit, income, debt obligations, and assets available for the purpose of purchasing a home mortgage.