Frequently Asked Questions

No – we are not a bank or financial lender. Instead, we connect you with the best loan rates and vetted lending options. We’re here to streamline and speed up the fragmented lending process.

Not exactly. We’ve built a vetted network of more than 300 banks and private lenders, so you can access best-in-class financial products in one place. At times, we may act as a broker to facilitate the best funding path, but our goal is to connect you directly with a lender who can meet your needs.

We never charge any upfront fees, so the application process is 100% free, whether you get funded or not.

In most cases, we’re paid directly by the lender at closing. However, every loan is unique, and some lenders have different policies. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way with transparent information and unbiased loan recommendations.

No – our application will not affect your credit score. You don’t have to do a ‘hard credit pull’ to review lending options, so Helpwithmyloan won’t show up as an inquiry.

Helpwithmyloan is a full spectrum lending platform, including commercial loans, business loans, residential loans, personal loans, and economic injury disaster loan assistance (EIDL). No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll help you make the right financial decision. Compare top options to get the best rate.

Fill out our quick questionnaire and get matched with a lender just 24 hours! We only collect the necessary information for the loan request, plus your contact information. Our industry-leading automation software will connect you with the best loan rates from top lenders. Best of all, you won’t get any spam or telemarketing calls.

Since 2017, we’ve achieved a 95% loan approval rating (almost double the industry standard) and most loans close within 10 to 60 days.

Of course! Helpwithmyloan combines speed with exemplary service. Our software will match you with potential loan options, and then you’ll get a call from one of our in-house loan specialists. We’ll walk you through your options, provide expert guidance, and explain everything in easy-to-understand terms. Click here to get in touch.

Your security is our top priority – We only collect the detailed information for the loan request plus your contact information. Get matched for loan options without compromising your security. Our top-of-the-line automation software is always getting better and we encrypt all of our data with industry best practices.

Still Have Questions? Let’s Talk.

We’re eager to help you find the right lending options to meet your needs. Connect with a real person for one-on-one loan advice and support. Or start by filling out our fast, free questionnaire to apply for a loan and match up with our finance partners.