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HWML process is simple and easy:

  1. Go to our site and fill out a quick scenario – No personal information
  2. HWML will match you up with a lender within 24-48 hours based on the information provided
  3. HWML will contact you (the customer) and present you with all lenders offers and feedback
  4. Next, we collect the application package for each lender and submit the loan. The loan is decisioned by the lenders within 3-10 days (depends on the lender)
  5. Once Approved, we will order all 3rd party services (i.e Title, Escrow, Appraisal, Environmental Reports , etc)
  6. Once the reports and services are back and acceptable by the lender – We move to loan closing
  7. Loan Funded and Closed (10-60 days Total )

HWML is not a lender or financial institution. HWML may act as a broker at times for certain situations but our main goal is to help connect you with the right lender that fits your needs. We have built a long standing relationship with over 100 commercial banks, credit unions and private funding sources. This gives you (the customer) the advantage of working with proven industry professional at top financial institutions to make sure you get the funding you need and have the best overall experience.

HWML does not charge any upfront fees on any lending products. Any/All fees charged will be collected once we get you to loan closing/funding. That being said, our main goal as a company is to collect a fee directly from the lenders and not the consumer. However, different lenders have varies policies and procedures  and HWML acknowledges that and finds the best route for the consumer and lender.  Fees collected for Consulting contracts may have different rules than the lending.

You have 2 different options when you loan matures:

  1. Payoff the loan balance
  2. Refinance the loan for a better rate/term or obtain a new loan amount (i.e cash out , Equity Line of credit, Improvement Loan)