Must-Have CRM Apps & Features for Loan Brokers

By: Jack Knatch

Lenders want the same thing as their clients: streamlined communication, faster closings, and fewer hiccups. At Helpwithmyloan, we believe that modern loan origination software should do more than just process paperwork.

Wrap CRM into your process and discover how Helpwithmyloan has made brokers 3x more profitable. These customer relationship management tricks make all the difference:

  1. Centralized communication

From your first outreach to the final closing statement, clients expect fast, well-organized communication. By speeding up back-end tasks, you can spend more time on client-facing steps and nurture that relationship.

  1. Lender matching

Mortgage CRM software is specially built to match industry regulations, but the best systems also connect you to a proven network. Look for an underwriting systems software that can automatically match applicants to vetted lenders.

  1. Automate underwriting

‘Shortcut’ is a dirty word in the lending industry, but not if you do it right. Helpwithmyloan has created powerful automation tools that speed up and replace the most time-consuming, manual parts of your workflow.

  1. Timeline alerts

Watch the loan process take shape in your CRM dashboard and plan for what comes next. Modern software can integrate scheduled alerts, real-time notifications, and calendar milestones for yourself or a team.

  1. Error-free assurance

No one wants to discover last-minute errors right before closing. In addition to automated underwriting and data scraping, Helpwithmyloan lending software also scans for inconsistencies and missing information to overcome human error.

Speed up your process with loan management software that cuts days and weeks off your workflow. That way, you’ll have more time for what matters, like maintaining relationships.

Helpwithmyloan has successfully funded $450M for customers with a 95% funding rate. Ready to discover how CRM software can make your brokerage 3x more profitable? Visit to learn more.

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