No-Doc Loans: The Best Backup Plan for Commercial Borrowers

By: Jack Knatch

Many commercial borrowers start their loan search with big banks and traditional lenders but find it difficult to qualify. Private lending, including no-doc commercial real estate loans, unlocks new financing opportunities with more flexible underwriting options.

No-doc real estate loans are a type of non-QM lending that requires very little documentation. Unlike traditional funding, no-doc commercial loans are based on the property’s equity and potential, rather than your personal finances.

Discover why no-doc commercial loans are the best backup plan:

You Can Get the Loan Now

Sub-prime lending programs require at least two weeks before closing, but no income verification commercial loans can be processed much more quickly. Plus, you don’t have to wait on a loan committee’s decision, so your private lender will be ready to move forward when you are.

Your Credit Score Doesn’t (Really) Matter

A poor credit score or bankruptcy doesn’t have to hold you back. No-doc lenders primarily collect information about the property value and will work with you to set affordable, flexible repayment terms.

Your Privacy is Protected

Many commercial applicants choose to keep their tax history and financial information private. Whether you’re unable to provide verifiable documents due to time constraints, accounting inconsistencies, or privacy concerns, no-doc loans are true to their name. 

Leverage the True Property Value

Even if the property is currently empty or hasn’t recorded a stable cash flow, it may still be a good investment. Top non-QM lenders look at the entire situation and underwrite your no-doc commercial loan based the true property value.

No-documentation commercial loans typically have higher down payments and interest rates, but the flexible benefits make it a great backup plan for borrowers with special circumstances.

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