Get Approved Faster On Vacated Office Properties After COVID

By: Jack Knatch

Office vacancies skyrocketed during the pandemic when 48.7 million employees shifted to at-home work in May 2020 (BLS). Office buildings have been a safe, predictable investment option for years leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic, but now many property owners can’t hold out and are looking to sell. Commercial Edge reports that the national vacancy rate for commercial office spaces is currently 15.7%; for context, that’s two points higher than the Great Recession peak in 2008.

Employers are slowly rolling out full return-to-office plans and finetuning new strategies for hybrid work models. Slowly – that’s the key word, but the trend has been cemented.

Investors can take advantage of the market shift by speculating on a full return to the office while empty properties are in transition. Long-term, stable leases and minimal maintenance make office buildings a popular choice for new and seasoned investors.

Ready to apply for your business loan or commercial property loan? Here are a few tips to get approved faster and beat the office rush with Helpwithmyloan:

  1. Start with SBA Loans

The SBA 504 loan is available with 10 or 20-year loan terms, and you can take advantage of low LTV ratios with an easy application.

  1. Skip the EIDL Loans

Borrowers can no longer access commercial real estate financing through the economic injury program, but the SBA is still processing requests for funding increases, if you were previously accepted.

  1. Speed with Bridge Loans

Short-term commercial loans are a flexible tool for interim financing, especially if you need to close the sale within days or weeks.

  1. Save with Hard-Money Loans

These commercial loans are based exclusively on the property value, so high vacancies and low rents work in your favor. Low cap rates today mean that your assets are more likely to appreciate.

  1. Split the Space with OOCRE Loans

If your business can occupy 51% of the office property, you’ll take advantage of tax incentives and spend less time signing tenants.


Helpwithmyloan matches borrowers with commercial real estate financing in as little as 30 minutes, so can close on your investment property even faster. We have a 95% funding rate and have successfully funded $250M for our customers in partnership with 300+ vetted lenders and banks.

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