Automation Strategies Reduce Employee Time Loss in Finance

By: Jack Knatch

Mortgage origination has traditionally been a time-consuming, hands-on process that stretches 35 to 40 days on average. Luckily, the extra steps and communication hurdles that slowed down the loan cycle are easy to automate. Less repetition is the key to fewer delays and errors.

Brokers, underwriters, and office support staff deserve better tools. Helpwithmyloan is modernizing the mortgage origination process with software automation for both lenders and brokers. Both sides of the fintech market benefit from an instant productivity boost:

  1. Less browsing with an instant overview.

Open the dashboard and get to work even faster. Smart dashboard tools automatically compile open loan checks, flagged applications, team activity, and more.

  1. Fewer email chains with team accountability.

Integrated status updates keep everyone informed without opening a single email. Now team members are automatically notified about business loans and SBA loans that other brokers have issued.

  1. Faster document searching and sorting.

The cloud-based dashboard stores a secure, searchable record of all applications, messages, and funded loan checks. Data tags make it easy to search the source instead of asking colleagues or sorting through papers.

  1. Fewer errors with digital verification.

Reduce human errors with built-in digital verification checks. Helpwithmyloan software can automatically identify incomplete information based on specific loan types and catch mistakes, so there’s less back-and-forth between team members.

  1. Smarter formatting with report tools.

Template generation and form editing require a substantial amount of time with very little payoff. Instead, Helpwithmyloan uses custom filters and simple check boxes to generate detailed reports in seconds.

  1. Next-day lender matches with automated underwriting.

These mini automation strategies have a positive impact, but automated underwriting has truly transformed the process. Borrowers prefer the convenience of self-serve, digital systems, and Helpwithmyloan takes it one step further. Applications are prepopulated with data from uploaded loan documents, then automatically matched with a pool of 300+ vetted lenders.

Whether your client is looking to refinance commercial property or close on an SBA 7A loan, Helpwithmyloan can connect the dots in as little as 30 minutes. We have a 95% funding rate and have successfully funded $250M for our customers – automation makes it possible.

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