Co-Founder and COO

Hello – my name is Jack Artinian. I’m the COO of Helpwithmyloan and a loan specialist with a passion for helping small businesses secure funding. Chris Karaguezian and I first met as banking executives at U.S. Bank and co-founded HWML in 2017.

Before launching this platform, I worked in banking, lending, finance, and real estate for 15 years. Those experiences allowed me to see the industry from every angle, both as an executive and a hands-on loan specialist.

I believe that everyone should have convenient access to the market’s best financial products, especially when making long-term, high-value decisions. HWML makes it easy to search for options and compare the best loan rates. In the past, customers had to go from bank to bank (or settle for limited options from a single lender.)

Chris and I created HWML to change the system and empower customers. Our database automatically searches loan options from more than 300 partners, and we follow up with one-on-one support to discuss lending opportunities. I’m passionate about helping everyone make more informed financial decisions with efficient services.

As a managing partner, I oversee HWML’s operational revenue, including loan originations, funding, and all financials. We saw enormous growth and positive response during our first few years. By the end of 2020, we had already secured 70 million in funding!

I am eager to enhance our technology, offer more resources, and push the industry forward with a people-first approach to finance.

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