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Loan used for extending capital to a business for the purchase of equipment. Equipment loans can come from a variety of sources, depending on your eligibility and your needs.

Frequently Ask Questions

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Almost any type of equipment, auto body lifts, vehicles and software . From machinery to office furniture to electronic equipment to… pretty much everything else.

Yes, typically equipment financing programs provide 100% financing and soft costs.

The main difference is what happens at the end of the lease term. With a lease purchase, you will own the equipment for $1. With a true tax lease, you have 3 options: You can renew the lease, return the equipment or purchase the equipment at fair market value.

The residual value of an item (such as a vehicle) is the amount you will pay to purchase that item at the end of the lease and is based on estimated fair-market value. Lower monthly payments usually mean a higher residual value, so think about how much you can afford each month and your plans for the item at the end of the lease term.